RPG Stash Busting Challenge Update 1 – Numenera

Not one to just post a challenge and not compete, I have started the first of my Stash Challenge games for 2015 – Numenera! I have a group of five people, all with characters made and ready for the first session next Monday.

Getting the group together was easy as I am running the game on Hangouts. Character creation was a blast, I even had one player ask me to create a foci for him on the fly (Sees Shatterpoints!). I have had the idea for the plot rolling around my head for a while, so we will see where this goes.  I am so excited that I even created audio clips for the first adventure to play during the session. So far the challenge is going far better than I had anticipated. Sometimes you just have to dive in!

My Updated RPG Stash Busting Challenge 2015 list:

Shadows of Esteren – [In the planning phase.]

Adventurer, Conqueror, King – [Limbo.]

Infinity RPG – As soon as I posted this list, I was invited to the Infinity playtest. So, I immediately got a group together and knocked out the intro encounter and we were hooked. [Damn it, I have to add this to the list but I got a playtest in so that has to count for something.]

Numenera ­– [Characters created. First session on the schedule.]

In Nomine – [A scarier Limbo than where ACKS is at.]

Also, I have a number of writers in the group, so I am hoping I can convince some or all of them to write session recaps.  If that happens, they will be posted here! So stay tuned for more updates, and please post your own!


2 thoughts on “RPG Stash Busting Challenge Update 1 – Numenera

  1. Brutorz Bill says:

    Did you get to run Numenera? I’ve just recently discovered the game and really like what I am reading so far, haven’t gotten a chance to run it yet.

  2. defoggijm says:

    I have! We are having our 6th session tonight! I am really enjoying running the game. I have a great group, and the system and setting are a blast. Next on my list is ACKS!

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