Blog, Interrupted

Sadly, work has become an all-consuming focus for the next two weeks. Add to that the introduction of Greek into my brain, and my free/gaming time has been slashed greatly.

So, sadly, I am taking a break from Origins of a Dark God for about two weeks.  My goal is to start back up officially on the 3rd of November.  As I acclimate to Masters and wrap up this project, I will try to get some reviews up (as Ryan Chaddock just sent me his new FATE setting, Magarchy!) before then.


A New Chapter

I start my first class for my Masters in Biblical Studies tonight!  I am pretty excited, even though I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool by starting with Greek. So my Thursday posts will be less regular until I can get a handle on what this class means.

However, Mondays are still a go!  And if you just need more of my sage wisdom about gaming in your life, go check out the Iconic Podcast.  It is a show I do with a couple of friends about 13th Age.