Wits Alone Review

Disclaimer: This pdf was graciously given to me for the purposes of review by Ryan Chaddock Games. All opinions within the review are my own.

It is no secret if you read this blog that Ryan Chaddock Games (RCG) has produced some of my favorite Numenera supplements to date. That includes the Glimmers that Monte Cook Games itself has produced. RCG’s supplements expand on a lot of aspects of Numenera that fascinate me. They recently released Wits Alone, a supplement centering on crime and law in the Ninth World

Wits Alone Review
Wits Alone is a 94-page pdf that you can snag at Drivethrurpg.com. This is their sixth release for the Cypher system, and they are still going strong. The book is broken up into four chapters. Deep Shadows which focuses on crime in the Ninth World, Watch Keepers looks at the Law, Black Goods presents dastardly new cyphers, and finally Uxphon briefly ties a number of the elements from the rest of the book into one of the cities mentioned in the Numenera corebook.

Wits Alone provides 15 foci, 7 descriptors, 4 artifacts, and 36 new cyphers. If you have not read my other reviews, RCG’s foci are always incredibly well done and coupled with the cyphers they create, make the PDF well worth the cost of admission.

Like Whisper Campaigns, Wits Alone gives a GM a lot to work with. It looks at the archetypes of the law and crime, and gives you plenty of plots and options to combine to add to your story. RCG created a half-dozen syndicates and three law-aligned organizations to be dropped into your campaign. They are tied together to make a great tapestry of interwoven groups for games on either side of the law.
Finally, in Chapter 4, Wits Alone takes what it has built in the previous chapters, and dumps them into the city of Uxphon in the Steadfast. There is a ton of information, plot, and adventure ideas packed into this chapter.

To date, my favorite of the RCG products is still Angels & Ashes, followed closely by Whisper Campaigns. Moving firmly into third place is Wits Alone. For $5.00, it is chock full of great mechanics, advice, and campaign fodder. Also, if Uxphon sounds familiar, it is the city that the Devil’s Spine starts off in. Which just adds to the utility of this book. The information in it enables you to flesh out the story before and after the official campaign, and perhaps send it spinning off in strange new directions. Check it out!


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