Merlin’s Beard!

MB Medium

Just a heads up for all you lovers of all things RQ6 or King Arthur, Mythic Britain has released!  I have been looking forward to this book since The Design Mechanism mentioned it, and I was able to get an in-depth look at the book at GenCon.  The writers behind the book have put together a great supplement for a Dark Ages Arthurian game.  I am hoping to use this to lure more of my players to the RQ6 side of gaming!

The Design Mechanism has a pre-order deal on their website for the PDF and the Print copy.  The PDF is also able here at

I plan on doing a full review of this product later this month.  But first Ryan Chaddock Games have some new products. On Thursday look for my review of their new product for Numenera, Wits Alone!


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