Some of My Icons

In response to some inquiries about my home world, I thought that today, instead of a review I would post my icons from my Player’s Guide.

Icons of Ta’nar –

The Black Duke – Yizgarth

hails from the island kingdom of Yalith and is lord of the soul-stealing Banetal.  He has sent his agents and thralls southward where they scour the Desolates searching what the Duke desires.

The Condemned – The Rivener

is a mystery from a previous age.  The wight travels about Sentali, seeking out the gnarls of fate that would cause global upheaval and ends all involved with amoral brutality.  Constantly seeking absolution for an unknown crime, his bloodstained trail crisscrosses the continent.

The Dracolich – Zenhir

born from the ashes of the Fifth Age, the Dragon Emperor has risen again, set free by the deeds of foolish mortals. The dread Zenhir seeks to reclaim what was taken from him at the turning of the Sixth Age. Namely, the world and all within it.

The Empress – Reayne of Kardane

is the ruler of the largest empire on Sentali. Ensconced the north of the Desolates in Mo’zanbaal, her eyes and agents are focused southward pursuing the stability of Grand Empire.

The First Born

is a presence that forms foul cults dedicated to those beyond the wall of time.  None know who or what the First Born is, but daemons answer the call of its faithful.

The Grasp of Vengeance – Hystal

is more than just the first among equals in the hierarchy of the Cult of Shadow’s Reach.  The priest is rabid in his devotion to the goddess Ganagal, Mistress of Vengeance and will use whatever power, born within this world and without, to assure his mistress’ dominion of Ta’nar.

The Guild of Falling Leaves

is ostentatiously a trading guild with routes that spread like a web through Sentali.  However, the Guild also trades in contraband products and deeds, guided by the enigmatic Father of Acquired Gain.

The Hosts – The Pantheons of Sentali

contain a myriad of Immortals, Celestials, and Empyreals. Many worship the whole of a pantheon or focus their efforts towards the cult of a single god.

The Lord of Undeath – Demoloth

is a name still feared in Sentali.  A Daemon Lord from a previous age, its touch was never truly scrubbed clean from the surface of Ta’nar, and its presence lingers in the dead places of the world and within the bodies of the Pale Elves.

The Keeper of the Sands – Ullia Stonehoof

watches over the independent town of Wildcove.  More than that, the Auxeness has formed a bond with the lands of the Desolates, and seeks to preserve its identity in the face of those who would claim it.

The Magistier – Berilond the Wise

ruler of the High Elf sky city of Innoril, Berilond is heir to a legacy of Elven magics that stretch back to the dawn of time.  He is consumed by the desire to see the High Elves reclaim their relevance in the 7th Age.

The Possessed King – KurNokThal

is blessed or cursed by the near constant presence of Dwharven god, Mogondral.  The heir to the lost throne of Draggnaul, the Dwharven god-prince serves as banner and warning to his kin in the Desolates.

The Spellqueen of Estaliin – Shajell Jaluth

rules the hidden refuge of the Wood Elves.  Aware of all that occurs within her demesne, the Spellqueen senses the encroachment of ancient powers that seek to consume her people in chaos and fire, and plots to end them.

The Wanderer

crops up in the myths and legends of Sentali.  It is his lawful guidance that keeps the world from falling into darkness.
For this post, I am just shared the overviews of the icons.  In October, I plan on posting the full page write-ups. Let me know what you think.


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