13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter is LIVE!

I know that today is normally review day. But I am so ridiculously excited about this Kickstarter that I had to celebrate its launch with a post.

Glorantha is a world that has been close to my heart for a long time. I started down the path of table-top gaming by way of mythology. My grade school had a great myth section in the library and my love affair with the stories and cultures of that classical age continued into my gaming days in junior high and high school. Who am I kidding, it continues today. When I discovered Glorantha, it resonated with that wide eyed child who had spent hours enthralled with tales of Hercules, Prometheus, and Troy. It was untouched by the Gygaxian tropes that pervaded the hobby, and yet still felt familiar to me. It was a world that sprung out of a bronze age of glory, and I ate it up. This was the kind of world had I sought when I came to gaming.

But Glorantha also influenced me in ways that I am only now becoming aware of. I have, to my great dismay, never ran a game set in Glorantha. But, if you have played in a game with me or read about my games or about the world of Ta’nar, you have seen echoes of Glorantha. It has permeated my creative side, and so when I look at the games and worlds and stories that I have created, I can see Glorantha shining through.

For those of you who are unaware of 13th Age in Glorantha, you can check out the website here, and the Kickstarter page here (it has already funded, reached its first stretch goal, and is super close to its second). And you can hear me and the other hosts of Iconic interview Ron Heinsoo and ASH LAW about this project here. They are (obviously) excited about 13th Age, and you can hear the love they have for Glorantha.  If you want to learn more about Greg Stafford’s world of myth and legend, go check out the Glorantha website. Iconic is planning on interviewing the guys at Moon Design about this project before the end of the Kickstarter! I am excited about the Kickstarter, as it will marry a system I enjoy to a world I love, and hopefully, finally, allow me to see Glorantha at the table.



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