Four Best Days of Gaming Indeed!

It is hard to distill my time at GenCon into a single blog post. My wife, and three members of my gaming group traveled there from Colorado. There are so many events, people, and products that I want to talk about! Seeing as the products will be discussed over the next couple of weeks (or months!) in review format, I am going to talk about the events and people that made my con.

13th Age

Putting faces to the voices of people I interviewed on Iconic was great. I was able to meet Rob Heinsoo, Wade Rockett, and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. The announcement of 13th Age in Glorantha was big news that broke as I headed into Gen Con, and I was able to pick some brains about that. As a huge Glorantha fan you can expect reviews and interviews in the next couple of weeks about that!

We, my gaming group and I, were able to meet up with Tim Brown for dinner. Tim is a great guy, so this was a blast. We talked about the Dragon Kings project, the Cubs, and generally had a good time. He did drink the Tavern on South completely out of Railhead beer! He has to be part dwarf! Or elf.

Wait... I think I feel something....

Tim Brown at dinner.

 My first purchases of the con were 13 True Ways, the Book of Loot, and Shadows of Eldon.

So much 13th Age Goodness!

 Also, I was privileged to run some 13th Age for Pelgrane. Both games of the Wrath of the Orc Lord went well. My love of 13th Age is well documented, and I was thrilled to share it with new players.

Shadows of Esteren

This was my unexpected haul from the convention. The booth was gorgeous, the books doubly so. But the people running the booth were truly amazing. Thomas and Nelyhaan and all the rest of the team were very friendly to all of us, and walked me through the products and game. I ended up with all you see below, and some of my friends walked away with copies of the books, minis, and games after looking at mine. The first book – Book 0 – Prologue – is available for free here. It contains setting information, rules, pre-generated characters, and three scenarios. Basically, everything you need to take this game for a spin. Go check it out if you like amazing art, Game of Thrones or just good fantasy horror.

Shadows of Esteren and Glorantha sexiness!

Shadows of Esteren and Glorantha!

Glorantha and RuneQuest

The people at Moon Design/Design Mechanism booth and seminar were the highlight show for me. First of all, I got to meet Greg Stafford, the creator of Glorantha! I picked up the Guides to Glorantha, and got them signed by Greg and the rest of the authors. The Moon Design guys were down-to-earth and very welcoming. You could tell they had a great love of Glorantha and wanted to share that with the con.

A buddy and I hit the RuneQuest 6 seminar, and we in the crowd were outnumbered by the presenters. So the setting turned into an informal discussion of RQ6. Lawrence, Peter, Mob and Colin were great guys. We got a behind the scenes look at RuneQuest 6, their upcoming Mystic Britain book, and a look at their product schedule. Both my buddy and I were sold on Mythic Britain (he doesn’t even play RQ6). Getting to hang with these guys, getting the low down on their card games Unfamy and Creedo (both to be reviewed here soon) were my number one unexpected pleasure of the convention. I hope to have the chance to hang with them again.

Wrap up

There were many other things about the con I could talk about, but these were my highlights. I walked away with a ton of new contacts for interviews both here and on Iconic. All of us who went loved it, and want to go again.

If you have never been before, shoot for 2017. It will be the next time I will be there, and I would love to go grab coffee with you.


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