Setup for Year 2

In pondering this post, I started to contemplate what I wanted from this blog over the next year.  I really would like to see the blog to have more focus.  It seems that the reviews that I do for this site have been my most popular posts over the last year, so  I plan on keeping Thursdays as my review day.  But that left Mondays without a clear focus.

The first year this blog was about me getting into the habit of writing about gaming consistent basis.  I wrote about whatever struck my fancy, with no rhyme or reason.  That is about to change.  Starting in two-weeks, I will be doing monthly series on Mondays.  Each series will be four posts on a different GMing subject.  It may be world design, or how to improv from behind the screen (which will be August’s topic), or other GMing advice.  My thought is to allow you all to chose the next month’s series with a poll.  Leave a comment if this interests you at all.

Hopefully this will provide me with more focus as a blogger and you as the reader, with more useful content.  Check back Thursday for my review on the 13th Age Bestiary!



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