Bonus Episodes!

Lots of things are spinning behind the scenes with me today.  Most of them are things that I can’t share as of yet.  But I can share this; is live!  Episodes 00 (an introduction to the hosts) and 01 are available for download from the site, and will soon be available on iTunes.

Iconic will release one show every other week, packed full of 13th Age content.  While the show is primarily about 13th Age, I wanted to talk about the bonus episodes we have planned.  The goal of these bonus episodes are to talk about other games we are passionate about.  Iconic will be doing reviews of various games and interviews with game designers across the industry.  Our current lineup of bonus episode topics are Mice and Mystics, Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Cypher, and Adventurer, Conqueror, King.  If you have something you would like us to talk about, leave a comment here or email us at  I am very excited about this show and hope you are as well.

I am setting up my D@W: Battles playtest for later this week (hopefully before my review goes live on Thursday).  I leave you with this picture from my Battles project this weekend.  They are all cut and collated.  My buddy Chris has agreed to play some beastmen vs. the heroic Auran Empire forces in the starter scenario.



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