Iconic Announcement

After weeks of dropping hints about a secret project, I get to pull the curtain back today and share the news with you all.  I am starting a podcast!  It is called Iconic and you can find the website here.  My co-hosts (Nick and Mark) and I will be bringing you 13th Age goodness twice a month starting on the 21st.

On the 14th you can download our Episode 0, which will serve as a brief introduction to the show’s hosts and format.  We have already recorded an interview with Rob Heinsoo as our third episode, and we are lining up interviews with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (author of the 13th Age Free RPG Day adventure, the upcoming Eyes of the Stone Thief living dungeon, and the Book of Loot) and Tim Brown (of Dragon Kings) as well.  The plan is to also do bonus episodes unrelated to 13th Age.  Currently we have plans to talk about ACKS, Cypher, DnD Next, Mice and Mystics, and my world of Ta’nar.

So tune in, leave feedback, comments and, ideas for the show here or at Iconicpodcast.com.

Below is the announcement that we will be plastering over the internets:

Greetings, 13th Age fans.  On July 21st, we are launching the Iconic Podcast, a show dedicated to 13th Age and gaming goodness.  We will be posting new episodes every other week, and each will spend around 30 minutes looking at different aspects of the 13th Age system.  On occasion, we will also have interviews with contributors to 13th Age (eg Rob Heinsoo, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan).

Part of what makes 13th Age so great is the fan community.  Because of this, we plan on reviewing fan-created resources and sites and would love to interview you about your 13th Age game.  If you are interested in appearing on a show, or if you have an idea for a cool segment, a question about the game or rule, or just want to tell us about your game, please email us (info@iconicpodcast.com) or call us (720-924-1706).

As a preview, we will post our Episode 0 on July 14th, where we introduce the hosts and show. Be sure to tune in!

Bonus Content:  Domains at War, Autach’s mass combat system for their game Adventurer, Conqueror, King (which I reviewed here) is available for sale now at Drivethrurpg.com.  Go check it out, the playtest rules were fantastic and promised to be easily adaptable to any d20 style game.  I am planning on writing reviews on both books in the upcoming weeks.


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