A Time of Contemplation – Conclusion

Today is the end of A Time of Contemplation.  Over the last four weeks, I have looked at four different game systems, trying to decide what the best option for my next campaign would be.  I spent the last week in discussion with some of my players, as the scores for 13th Age, ACKS, and RuneQuest were so close to each other.  After all this, and some contemplation, I have finally landed on a system for Dark Wars. 

Starting next week, I will be digging into Ta’nar as a setting, with posts on its races, classes, spells and lore.  All of this will be present through the lens of the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System.  Thursday’s review segments will be focused on Autarch’s books for the next couple of weeks, to preview a system overview as well.  (I will also be presenting as many of the statistics as I can for 13th Age, but this is for a side project that will be revealed as soon as it is finalized).

I am excited to reveal more and more of Ta’nar through this upcoming series, and to dig into the old-school nature and domain building management of ACKS.  Below is a map that I am working on for Ta’nar, both the updated Sentali contentment map, as well as the regional map I am preparing for the ACKS game.  




Note: Dragon Kings has released to the public.  You can buy it here at DriveThruRPG.


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