A Time of Contemplation – Introduction

I am starting off a new series of articles here on Origins of a Dark God.  My goal is to start planning my next Ta’nar game.  The current ones are going strong, and have some great frameworks already set up.  But the next game has me concerned for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, I am starting my Masters in the fall.  In light of this, I am going to begin wrapping up my weekly games in September.  The goal is to have the Outlands game and the current Ta’nar games (in person and online) end no later than December of this year.  I am making the mental preparations to shift into a player mode for the next two years. 

Second, I am cutting back on my RPG purchasing.  I am trying to keep my purchases to five games lines (which may sound like a lot, but compared to where I have been, this is a gutting).  I will continue to support Adventurer, Conqueror, King; Runequest; Cypher; 13th Age; and Legend of the Five Rings.  With isolated books from Pathfinder that peek my interest for idea mining.  The L5R books are for love of the world and the physical books.  They are gorgeous and I just love reading them.  The other ones, however, are systems that I want to actively be running when I have time.  But the problem is all five are games I want to be using at the table. I need to narrow this down to begin my prep.

Finally, I finally feel I have generated major momentum with Ta’nar.  Players are now starting to see reoccurring themes and NPCs between the games, and are becoming steeped in the world’s lore.  I want to keep that going and when the Dark Wars finally begin (the next major series of story arcs for Ta’nar) I want to be ready.  And by ready, I mean player handbooks for everyone.  Similar to one I did for Anima, I want it to have setting information, rules references and a character creation guide all with art.  It will be spiral bound and ready for the 4-5 players that will dive back into Ta’nar. 

So how does this all cycle back to a series of articles?  Well, I am going to start blogging my preparation process on Mondays, as I prepare for the first Dark War.  There might be minor interruptions, but I foresee this series lasting months.  I am going to start by examining the systems in my wheelhouse [ACKS, RQ6, 13th Age, Cypher, and Pathfinder] over the next couple of weeks.  I am going to be looking at the critically for how they would fit with Ta’nar, and my current set of players.  Hopefully by June, I will have narrowed down the system for the next big Ta’nar game.

And hopefully, the insane process I call my prep work will be interesting and beneficial.


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