New Burning Wheel Question

Burning up characters for BWG is a fairly involved process.  For those of you who don’t know how it works, Burning Wheel is a lifepath system.  Which is basically gamer jargon for picking snapshots of your characters background.  It is not a class system, but an organic development of periods of time in your character’s life before the start of the game.  For example, your character might have been born in a village, moved to a city as a street rat, became a second story man, and then was conscripted into the army.  Each of these stages is a lifepath.  Each lifepath gives the player building blocks to create their character in the form of skills, attributes, traits and even the resources you use to buy your character’s equipment.  In addition to all of the lifepaths, each player also need to create and select three beliefs, three instincts, and equipment.  There is really too much to do in one evening.

So as I stated before, I want to get the bulk of the conceptual design done before we come to the table.  My questions over the next couple of weeks are going to be a group discussion about their character concepts and beliefs.  If I can get the group to get these nailed down, we will have plenty of time to get through burning all of the characters that first evening.

So here is this week’s question for my group:

In an attempt to keep the momentum for the Outlands up and prepare for our start in January, I want to start a discussion about character concepts.  I say discussion, because I would like to see everyone over the course of the next two weeks talk about what they want to play.  It would be great to see ties between characters start to develop here.  Squires to Knights of Shining Intellects, thieves who are part of an Inquisitor of the Light of Law’s retinue.  

As you are thinking of what you want to play keep a couple things in mind. The game is going to be focused on the Free Cities to start, as well as the Knights of Shining Intellect and the Light of Law.  Look over those sections in the Gazetteer and try to narrow your concepts to fit within these frameworks.

As the player’s concepts come in I will compile them and post them here to share.  


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