Handsome Heads on Tentacles

Last Dark is finally finished, and I sit writing this post in a delicious melancholy that only Donaldson can deliver.  Seriously, if you have not read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, you are missing out on great literature.  Not fiction, literature.  Anyway, back to blogging about games.

My 13th Age read through was a little rough.  I am writing my review, but due to the layout of the text, I am finding myself having to do another read through.  It is not poorly written or uninviting, but it is cryptic in the way information is delivered.  The second read through is going much smoother, now that I understand the terminology better, but still I need more time to process and prep.  But my 13th Age group is set up, and we have a place to play and the first game date set.  I am working on setting up my own Icons for the game, and setting it in my home brewed world of Ta’nar. 

The Tuesday night Numenera game is settling into a nice rhythm.  I gave the group a choice of heading back into the Steadfast for more civilized environs or delving deeper into the Beyond.  The choice was unanimously to head out into the Beyond.  They are headed towards the second of the back of the main book adventures, but I threw the first Glimmer: Vortex in their path.  They were immediately intrigued by the disappearing “submarine” (they sent one person ahead to scout, so I showed them the picture and had them describe it) that they came across in the woods.  Little do they know what they actually seek. 

At the start of the session, I explained my house rule and opened the floor to feedback.  After some discussion, the group decided that the house rule I wrote up was too complicated.  They liked parts of it, but no one could agree on what parts they liked.  But, I think it was a successful discussion in the fact that it was a reminder of good table etiquette.  The talk alone seemed to clear up most of the issues I was trying to solve through rulings. 

Handsome heads on tentacles refers to a beast in Numenera that my group discovered but will not get to fight till next week.  The village they are staying in is plagued by a Mesomeme.   Full of Ninth World bizarreness, it is a crab-like predator that keeps the heads of those it slays.  It then mounts these heads on tendrils that extend from its back, and uses the skull puppets to lure new victims to their deaths.  The group was sent to discover what happen to the Dreavish brothers, a duo of handsome men whose return the whole town pined over.  Lured to the end of the dock, the session ended with the Mesomeme rising out of the water.  The looks on the player’s faces was fantastic.

After I post this, I am working on the start of the last series of questions for the Outlands game.  My goal with this series is to get the players ready to make their characters.  I am hoping over the next two months to get concepts, beliefs and instincts nailed down.

Finally, in a strange development, I am running Dungeon Crawl Classics this week.  I ran a 0 level funnel game last week, while our SR GM was out of town.  It was such a big hit with the group, and with our GM being out of town again next week, and having to catch up on work this week, I am continuing the adventure this week and next.  My group loved the old school feel of DCC and did their best not to fall in love with any of their poor 0 level commoners.  They failed, but most of their beloved characters survived.  Sixteen peasants entered the dungeon, and 6 level one PC’s emerged.  Tonight we are going to play the People of the Pit.  I will be sure to let you know how it goes.


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