Ah Burning Wheel – Part 2

Today, I am currently in the task resolution section of BWG.  The system breaks every roll down to: intent, task, and test.

Intent is the outcome the players want from the roll.  Intent needs to be a clear as possible, because the game system states that if the PC succeeds at his test, he gets his intent.  As the GM it is my responsibility to make sure that I and the PC understands their intent so that the resolution and outcome of the intent can be established.

Task is the mechanical necessities of the test, what needs to happen to make the intent a reality.  What stat or skill will be used in for this roll.  I believe this step includes figuring out if the intent is this even possible.  In my mind, this is also where, as the GM, I call for advantages, assign the task Ob and assign any disadvantages.

The Test is the player’s attempt to make his intent a reality.  They always have the chance to walk away before the dice hit the table, but once they roll they are committed to the test.

There are a variety of other rules in this chapter but what stands out is the need to take my time at the table.  For each test, ie: a situation that requires a die roll, intent & task must be established along with the type of test, obstacles must be set, modifiers can be applied to the die pool or the Ob, and that is just before the roll.  While a lot of this will become second nature, at the start of the game this system is radically different from looking at a DC and requiring a d20+bonus roll. 

I want my players, and myself, to get used to the BWG system.  While the basics of the system are simple and fast, there are some nuances that I would like to see people use.  This is going to require some slower pacing when it comes to task resolution.  I want to make sure over the first couple of sessions that people are really clicking with the system and understand every tool that is available to them.

On a side note: I will be putting up an Obsidian Portal site for the Outlands, after I upgrade my account and get the Gazetteer finished.  So if this setting interests you, you can follow along with the game as it develops.


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