It is a Question of Experience

This week I want to start dialing the game planning back to focus on the player characters.  So here is the question: how experienced will their characters be to start?  In Burning Wheel the experiences of the character before the start of the game are represented by life paths.  The more life path choices a character has, the more powerful they are to start.

However this is balanced by the fact that it is harder for them to grow and ‘level up’.  The higher the exponent of a skill is (and more life paths equates to higher skill values) the harder it is to increase.

So do they want characters that are just starting off in their careers, those who are established, or who are approaching the twilight of their lives?  Did I mention that the more life paths you take, the older the character is?

So the tradeoff is that a younger character with less life paths will grow and mature faster than an older character with more life paths, mainly because they grew and matured before the game started.

What is your preference in a game?  Do you enjoy starting off with wide eyed, fresh characters, or more experienced ones?



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