Updates Abound

With Mage on hiatus, my remaining players and I decided to play the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  While it is not Lords of Waterdeep, it was a blast to play.  It completely fills that spot of ‘what are we going to do on game night’ that I would normally fill with a one shot.  I have found that most of my players are not huge fans of ar one shot just to try a rules set, so this is a great option to have.  That and I get to get some play time in.  We enjoyed it so much that we are running out to grab the 5-6 player expansion today.

Tonight we will either be playing the Dresden Files game, or switching over to the new SR5 game.  It all depends on the DF GM.  He has had some major life upheavals, which have led to unfortunate but understandable cancelations, and the SR GM offered to start his game sooner so that we could get back into the groove of a regular game. Personally, the Dresden Files game has been great when we have met, and the SR looks fantastic, so I am great either way the decision falls.  As long as we get more gaming in!

The online game players, in my Ta’nar game, were informed that this game is wrapping up.  There will be a new playtest of the Pathfinder iteration of the world starting up at the end of this year.  I am debating putting it up on Obsidian Portal.  The main reason for this is that I can advertise the world there, and get some public feedback to some of the fluff pieces.  That is about the only feature that is making me lean towards the Portal as opposed to a Google group.

I continue to move forward in the design of the Burning Wheel game.  The feedback I have received from this week’s question is leaning heavily towards working ‘for the law’, specifically working for the Church/Inquisition.  This is a very interesting turn, as it separates the group from the need to start allied with a city state. During the war that will be raging at the start of the game they will be able to work behind the scenes for the Church’s benefit as opposed to any political power.

Speaking of the Burning Wheel game, I start my Burning Wheel re-read next week.  This re-read will be accompanied by a series of blog posts as I get my thoughts on the system out here, with the goal of getting the core mechanics ready for a player resource sheet.  I will also be making national traits so the city-states will be mechanically different types of humans.  Should be a lot of fun.

Looks like a number of my new Pathfinder books will be in this week or next, so more reviews will be forthcoming.

Finally, Ta’nar planning is coming along great.  I have finished 1 city map for the next game, and am working on the second.  Once I get both maps done, I will be putting them up here, again for review.  Also, as I will be using this blog to share my world with the world, what would you be most interested in: mechanics or fluff?



One thought on “Updates Abound

  1. RaccoonChad says:

    Hm, I’ve heard things about this game, before. Good to hear more positive feedback on it!

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