Outlands Update

Last week’s question my attempt get a read on the expectations of the group as it related to the low magic feel of the Outlands game.  It was about the overarching storyline and how the state of magic and the gods would or would not change.  The votes are in and it looks like everyone wants to keep this game firmly rooted as a low magic setting, which is fine by me!

This week’s question [the first in a line which will continue for a couple of week] is about where the player’s loyalties will lie as a party.  So this week’s question was a simple one.  “Are you for the law, or against it?”  Not an original question, it is one I stole from a podcast AP game I listened too, but still a telling one.  This can have a myriad of ways that this choice will play out.  For right now, we are looking at this from two standpoints.  The first is how do the player relate to the strict law of whatever land they are in, are they working with and in the law, or against it.  Secondly, are they maintaining or attacking the status quo of the Outlands.

Finally, I have attached the updated Outlands map.  I have provided a minimal amount of information at this point for the players, just names of places and kingdoms.  I have asked for feedback and what other information they would like to see added.

If you have any feedback on the map, let me know!

The Outlands



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