Updates & Thanks

Our Wednesday night game was canceled again.  So one of the players and I and my wife got together to play Lords of Waterdeep.  It is a fantastic game.  Had a lot of fun teaching it to my buddy and playing it.  I can understand why it is a hard sell.  Too much Dungeons and Dragons branding for the Eurogamer and too much eurogame for the DnD’ers.  Anyway, after the game my buddy stayed and we chatted the upcoming changes to my online game, of which he is a player.

I have been running my online alpha test of my world, Ta’nar, for two years as of tomorrow.  A lot has changed in those two years, including a shift in design focus from Hero to Pathfinder.  So when I was looking at the next story arc, and wanting to change the game over to Pathfinder, I ended up deciding to end this game.  I am going to wrap up the story in the next couple of months, and then launch the next playtest using Pathfinder.  Expect some blog posts on my autopsy of that game and the new game setup in November.

Anyway, we were chatting about what went well and what didn’t work for this play test and he brought up something.  It was a situation in the game where two of the characters could have potentially been rendered powerless.  What started there spun out into some first rate feedback on my GMing style and the play by post style.  It was fantastic.  In this specific instance, he explained how he as a player enjoys more difficult situations in his characters wheelhouse that allows him to shine or fail, opposed to easier situations in which his character is rendered powerless and has to figure out to deal with that.  It was something I would never have noticed had he not brought it to my attention. 

I believe you can’t improve your game beyond a certain point without people giving you quality feedback on both the good and bad parts of your game.  I always am asking for constructive criticism, and I have been blessed with players who always provided great feedback.  I have often said that everyone needs this specific player in their games, and last night he proved it again.

As I don’t want to list their names without their permission, Poras you know who you are!  Thanks for being a great sounding board and giving great feedback.



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