Burning Wheel – Plot Question #1

I believe that the Outlands setting is near completion.  I will be finishing up the map this week, and some of the city descriptions. I hope to have the gazetteer in my player’s hands for review sometime in the following weeks.  So for now I am switching gears and moving away from setting creation and into the plot of the game.

While the game will start off with a foreground conflict that my players will establish in the following weeks and adventures that relating to that, I would like to have plots and themes in the background that we can explore of the long term course of the game.  They have established that they want to play in a low magic fantasy setting where the gods are distant and remote.  The first plot question revolves around this idea. 

In the Outlands’ game, is this idea immutable for the course of the game, or will the plot of the game eventually revolve around the return of magic and the gods?  This is a major decision that can and will affect the course of the game, so I can’t wait to see what the players come up with. 


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