Religions of the Outlands

The march towards the Outlands continues!  This week I finished up the Religions section of the Gazeteer and will be getting the first plot question up to the group on Thursday.  There is still a bit more that needs to be discussed rules wise, one of my players suggested we look at RQ6 as well as Burning Wheel as a possible system, but the game is coming together nicely.  Tomorrow I will post a state of gaming update!

 Religions of the Outlands

The Lords of Order – The Church of the Realm of Men

Overview – The church of the Lords of Order is perhaps the most pervasive organization in the Outlands.  It is an amalgam of the original faith brought over by the colonists, in fact is bears the same name, but incorporates some of the religious thoughts and beliefs of the indigenous peoples, the Daoine, although perverted in some form or fashion.  In the Old World it is said that the gods spoke to their chosen, and granted them miracles.  There are even legends of these holy saints on the shores of the Outlands.  But since the dawn of the Dark Age, and the severing of ties from the Old World, the gods have been silent, both old and new.

But still the Church of the Lords of Order exists in every city, shines in every town, its priest holding positions of great authority in nearly all of the city states.  But it is fractured power base.  Each priorate is beholden only to itself, with the Ecclesiarch of a city being the final religious authority in its environs.  This has led to each city-state or kingdom following their own unique form of worship, venerating different gods and holy rites.

However, the church and its bureaucracy are constantly united on one front, maintaining its own power.  In times of duress, the Priorates have been able to elect a High Ecclesiarch that acts as the sole receptacle of the church’s socio-political power.  This lasts until the threat is over, or until the gods mysteriously take their chosen home, usually at the end of an assassin’s dagger.

Tenants – The tenants of the faithful of Order are quite simple.  The gods freed this world from the rule of chaos and the Chthonic Plague at the dawn of the current age.  They established their chosen people and their church to watch over those people.  All people will be judged after death.  Those who live a pious life will move to the Golden Fields, while those who have not are condemn to the Realm of the End to be tortured by the Chthons who rage at their loss of power and take it out on the gods creations.


Sol Invictus – Head of the Lords of Order and father of gods and men.  Represented by the sun.

Gaia – A bastardization of the Matron of Civilization in the Old World and the idea of the earth being a living spirit worshiped by the Daoine.

Child Goddess – A prophesied savior of man, worshiped as an idea of hope.

Thanagar – Guardian of the Realm of the End, Judge of the Dead, and jailor to the Chthons.

Arcanon – The patron of scholars and sorcerers, lord of magic and lore.

Silvanus – The stag god of the Outlands, incorporated into the Lords of Order by the colonists in the early years of settlement.   Lord of the Hunt and of the Forest

The Rogue – Lady of darkness, fate, and thieves.

The Hundred Thousand

Overview – Those descended from the prisoners of the Quion Hegemony cleaved firmly to the faith of their forefathers.  Perhaps because they were sentenced to die in a foreign land, they fought so hard for redemption in the eyes of their gods.  It is said, as a matter of pride that any ship that arriving from the homeland would be welcomed by the same songs of praise.

The pantheon of Quion is far different from that of the Lords of Order.  Instead of a narrow grouping, the Pantheon has hundreds of gods, all interrelated, and nearly unnavigable by anyone not raised in the culture.  All of the gods have the bodies of men and women but the heads of animals or insects.  Their worship is that of every god that intersects the worshiper’s live on a single day.

The Pure Faith

The Daoine, the lizard race who inhabited this land before the coming of men, worshiped the Danann.  These fey creatures inhabit a realm that parallels the Outlands.  Their beliefs, known among their kind as the Pure Faith believe that Danann inhabit the natural world around them.  Some of their animist beliefs were pulled into the Church of the Lords of Order.

The Ancient Ones

The Chthons, the Femors, the Chaos.  All of these names are given to the race that came before the gods.  Banished from this world by the coming of the gods, those powers that were not captured retreated to the dark corners of the world to plot their revenge.  Still worshiped by evil men, foul beastmen tribes and dark creatures of the world, their time has yet to completely pass from the world.

The Cult of the Lost

None know anything about this cult, so through was the purging of the records by the Law of Truth.


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