Demon Hunter’s Handbook Review


Disclaimer: I purchased this from Petrie’s (my FLGS) and am not being paid to review this product.

Wow, my goal was four reviews over four days.  This is it, the final review of this wave of Paizo products.  Don’t get me wrong, I love reading Pathfinder books, and I enjoy writing reviews.  But this week taught me two things.  One – just because all the books come in at the same time doesn’t mean I have to review them all in one week.  Two – Mix it up.  I am now reading Prometheum Exxet for Anima, and it has been a great change. 

So here we are.  We have covered Mythic Adventures, The Worldwound Incursion, and Demons Revisited already this week.  But those are all books really geared at the Gamemaster.  Paizo is not going to give all that ammunition to the GMs without handing out some shielding to the players.  With demons invading Golarion, they have given us this month’s Player Companion: the Demon Hunter’s Handbook. 

Demon Hunter’s Handbook

With the launch of a demon focused Adventure Path and that same focus being present in the new season of Pathfinder Society, this book seems like a major boon to players. It is a 32 page book that focuses on those that would take up spell and sword against the invaders from the abyss.  Paizo put a lot of information in here.  Even the inside covers have great information on common demonic cults and what spells summon and components should be used against specific kinds of demons.


The book starts off with a brief explanation of what classes this player’s companion focuses on: Barbarians, Inquisitors, Paladins, Rangers and Wizards.  But it also lets you know what is in here that is for everyone (gear, knowledge, campaign traits) and questions for your GM to help you prepare to get the most out of this book.  There is a one page rules index at the beginning which is always very helpful.


The book is then broken up into two page sections that cover all manner of content.  A lot of this content is fluff.  It is designed to expose you to all the lore of demon hunting, as well as give insight into the mind of the monsters your character will be hunting.  The writers talk about what combat rules are useful in against demons, what demons are resistant or immune to, and how to get a demon ready for interrogation.  The middle of the book is a visual guide to the ten demons listed in the Demons Revisited book, along with some tactical information.

The second half of the book covers demon hunting organizations, and primers on the Worldwound and the Abyss.  When you are hunting demons you should be prepared to follow your quarry anywhere.

The mechanical bits are spread evenly throughout the book.  We see new equipment kits, Barbarian rage powers, demon hunting feats, Ranger traps, an archetype for Inquisitors, teamwork feats, magic items, spells of lost Sarkoris and new roles.


The player companion series are smaller, less expensive splat books that are character focused dealing with a narrow band of information.  We have seen race books, country books, faith books and organization books.  Demon Hunter’s Handbook continues in this tradition.  If you are planning on playing in this season’s Society games, or if your GM is talking about running Wrath of the Righteous, or if you just want to play a demon hunter this book is definitely for you.



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