Demons Revisited: Review


Disclaimer: I purchased this from Petrie’s (my FLGS) and am not being paid to review this product.

Continuing with Paizo’s theme of all things Abyssal this month, and with great synergy to their adventure path and Worldwound releases, we have Demons Revisited by James Jacob himself.  In this bestiary he looks at ten of the most iconic Demons from the world’s oldest roleplaying game.  This books covers: Babaus, Balors, Glabrezus, Hezrou, Invidiaks, Mariliths, Nabasus, Nalfeshnees, Succubi, and Vrocks

Rather than do a chapter by chapter breakdown of this book, as each chapter is laid out identically but covers a different type of demon, we are going to take a look at what you can expect from the book as a whole. 


Each entry is six pages long and starts with an introduction on the demon type in question.  You receive an overview on what kinds of souls birth these demons (for in Pathfinder, demons are sinful mortals souls sent to and warped by the Abyss), and some insight into the classification as a whole.


Each entry contains a brief description on what the demon looks likes, it physical characteristics, and powers.  It provides some great flavor for GMs to use when describing these creatures.


Here we find out more of what these types of demons do on Golarion.  How do they interact with cults?  How can you summon or conjure them?  Why would you want to summon or conjure them? What kind of tasty and depraved materials appease or placate these demons.  It is a strange section to be sure, but does give GMs lots of information on how to play not only the demons but those who would call them into the world.

Campaign Role

This section covers how to use this demon in a game.  You will find advice on how to run them in combat, what kinds of ways they typically advance (for example if standard Balors don’t work for you what about one with levels in barbarian or alchemist?), and other advice on how this demon could appear in your game.


Demons are magical, chaotic evil, immune to a variety of substances and energies, and possess natural armor.  But most still like magic items.  Each entry contains a paragraph on what items each type of demon would most likely have or want to possess.

Side Bar 1: Half-Demons

The Pathfinder Bestiary lists a half-fiend template for all your half-demon gaming needs.  Each chapter in this books also provides a more detailed half-demon template.  It is a modification of the half-fiend template to bring the template more in line with the actual creature in question.  It gives the base creature a number of new abilities and switches out some of the spells granted by the half-fiend template for more flavor appropriate ones.

Side Bar 2: Additional Notes

Each chapter has a second side bar.  This side bar is completely different for each of the demons.  Balors have new Balor Lord powers, some chapters have new specialized feats to refine a demon’s special abilities, new spells or just new abilities that the demon can gain by advancing.

Notable Demons

The last part of each chapter contains a look at famous demons of that type from throughout Golarion.  I did like that if they were speaking of a demon that had already appeared in a Pathfinder supplement, you received the name of the book and page number for that creature’s stat-block.  Each chapter also includes one fully-fleshed out demon, complete with stat-block and history.


If you like the chaotic evil that demons bring to a game, this book is for you.  While you still need the Bestiary for statistics on the basic demons, the book is a great aid for adding verisimilitude to your use of these creatures.  As I said above, it is a great tie in product with the new adventure path, almost like Paizo planned it that way.




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