Wrath of the Righteous #1 – The Worldwound Incursion


Disclaimer: I purchased this from Petrie’s (my FLGS) and am not being paid to review this product. Also, it is my goal to provide a spoiler free review (aside from what is spoiled on the back of the book).

It seems like only yesterday that I finished writing up the review for Witch Queen’s Revenge, the end of the Reign of Winter.  Looking at the post date it seems that it was more like a week, but here we are at the start of the first ever Mythic adventure path.  The Wrath of the Righteous adventure path will take players into the Worldwound and the heart of the Abyss and give them the opportunity to truly save the world.  The Worldwound Incursion is just the first step along this epic storyline, and I was very excited to start digging into it. 

Part One: The Worldwound Incursion

Wow.  The adventure starts in medias res in the city of Kenabres, which is just over the border from the Worldwound.  It starts hard and fast and just keeps moving throughout the whole story.  Something happens before the start of the adventure which leaves the PC’s trapped underground racing to get back to the surface.  And this race is massive.  This adventure takes PC’s from level 1 to level 6, compared to the Snows of Summer (the first Reign of Winter AP) which got the PC’s to level 4. 

During the course of this adventure, we meet a number of NPC’s that (we are told) will be important to the whole AP.  According to the writers this AP is not just tackling the addition of Mythic to the rules.  We will have complex relationships with multiple NPC’s and will be using the downtime and mass combat rules from Ultimate Campaign.  When you add in the themes that they state they want to explore, that what someone looks like is not a good judge of character and redemption, you have a number of very ambitious goals for this adventure path. 

Two things stand out about this first adventure.  The first is that if you were expecting the story to have the Mythic rules available right from the start, it doesn’t happen.  In fact the Mythic power doesn’t descend on the players till the very end of this adventure.  Interestingly it mentions that if you don’t want to run Wrath of the Righteous with the Mythic rules they will support that option, you will have aid in the upcoming books on how to de-myth the adventure.

The second is this AP is written for a ‘good’ party that wants to go save the world.  Let your players know.  While you could run this differently, with demons as the main enemy, there will be enough treachery and backstabbing built in.  The free players guide for Wrath of the Righteous goes into this aspect of the adventure for your players.  I highly recommend handing it out to them if you are going to run this AP.

Part Two: NPC Gallery

The NPC gallery is comprised of the four long term NPC allies that your players will meet over the course of this adventure.  You receive in-depth backgrounds on all of them, as well as their stat blocks.  My one concern is that as the AP progresses, these stats will either need to be updated (taking space in future books) or become obsolete. 

Part Three: Wrath of the Righteous Treasures

As usual, this section gives you the information on the new magic items for this adventure.  We have a couple of interesting ones.  The sword Radiance is a legendary item, such items are described in Mythic Adventure.  It seems like this sword will play very heavily into the AP. 

I can’t say more about the other items I want to talk about, as they are tied to some pretty heavy plot points.  That being said, the scales and the shards are pretty interesting and their story/plot value are very high.

Part Four: Kenabres Before the Fall

This section makes this book worth it for GM’s who are not going to run Wrath of the Righteous.  This chapter is a ten page gazetteer for the city of Kenabres.  You have the history of the city that serves as a launch point the Mendevian Crusades, a great map, district information, factions and NPC information.  All in all a nice level of detail on the city.

Which, as the title of this chapter may suggest, is not that useful for this Adventure.  Remember the story starts in the middle, some events have already happened via read aloud text blocks!  But this chapter can provide some background for the GM as the players re-enter the city.  On top of this, according to the introduction, it could provide a foundation for some of the downtime actions of your players in the future as they try to rebuild the city. 

Part Five: Pathfinder’s Journal: Sweet Ichor 1 of 6

This was a descent short story about a Pathfinder tracking down a demon hunting bard.  It sets up the next chapter nicely with a bit of cliffhanger.   That being said, if you have read Robin Laws’ Worldwound Gambit novel, this story is amazing. 

It picks up that story an undisclosed amount of time after the events of the novel.  The Pathfinder is tracking Calliard, with the intent of using him to get to Ged.  Calliard’s addiction is fully manifested and it promises to bring back all the characters you loved from that Pathfinder Tales novel.

Part Six: Bestiary

Three monsters and a Demon Lord make up this chapter of the book.  It seems that we will be seeing one demon lord, with stats, in each part of this adventure path.  I was disappointed to only get four creatures, but with an adventure for levels 1-6 it is an acceptable trade off.


I enjoyed this book.  It sets the stage for a very epic adventure path, as well as an introduction to Mythic Golarion.  The Worldwound has always interested me, and seemed to have a lot of story potential.  But for Paizo to have their first mythic adventure path not only take the players and GM into the Worldwound but have the potential for it to close or rip open is very cool.  Shut up and take my money Paizo.


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