The Blade of Shining Intellect

So here is the write up on the second of the major factions in the Outlands, the warrior-scholars known as the Blades of Shining Intellect

An organization birthed wholly in the Outlands, the Blades of Shining Intellect is a military brotherhood dedicated to the ascendancy of man in the Outlands and to the discipline of science.  Their warrior-scholars can be found in every city, wandering through the Western Wilds, or teaching in small villages.  Founded 200 years ago by the scholar knight Jereth Quinn, the knights quickly rose to a power level rivaling that of the Church.

Jereth was an itinerant warrior sickened by the darkness that threatened to swallow the city states of the Outlands.  Even more terrible was the fact that those in power seemed to revel in the rampant ignorance, using it as the mailed glove of tyranny.  His attempts to speak out against the abuses of power in a Sardonian village ended with him stoned and left for dead in the forest of Deeper Darkness.

Jereth claimed to his dying day that he was sheltered in the dark woods by creatures who called themselves the Syvari.  Nursed back to health, he emerged from the forest a decade later a changed man, but unaged.  Shining with purpose once again, he set back out into the Outlands.  Where he found ignorance he taught strange principles of the natural world to easy burdens.  Where he found like-minded souls, he invited companionship.  And where he found tyranny, he fought with vengeance.

Jereth Quinn was slain five years to the day after he walked out of the forest, due to treachery.  The assassin who killed him was his second in command, but it is unclear who put him up to it.  But his legacy lives on in the Blades, the order that continues to this day.  Their chapter houses lie near, but never in cities.  In the wild they inhabit the strange ruins that dot the landscape, seeming inured to the curses that live there.  While they are responsible for the Outlands recovering from the Dark Times, those in power still do not know what to make of these warriors of science.


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