Burning Wheel – World Building Question #8

Here is the last question on the three major organizations of the Outlands.  Next week I will have a break in questions so I can organize the data my players created.  My goal is to have a gazetteer for the group put together.  I will also link it here on the blog.

This week started with a review, here is what the group designed for how religion and gods would work in the game.  Ok, now that you are caught up –

I want to dig a little deeper in to the Church of the Lords of Order, which is a name subject to change.  The human nations of the Outlands will share this faith in common, perhaps except for the Cities of Quoin, who followed different gods in the Old World.

So this week, my group tackles the following questions. Who are the Lords of Order, or the gods of this Church?  What is their organization like?  How do they interact with both the political structures and the common folk?

My players have constantly put forth way better ideas as group than I could have come up with on my own, so I am very interested to see what they come up with now.


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