Working Towards Goals

It has been a crazy week!  But I am getting geared up for my normal two regular gaming days, and this weekend’s event at my FLGS where I will be running Numenera.  I am really looking forward to that, but am only 207 pages into the 398, so still a lot of ground left to cover.

I was trying to figure out what to update, as I am still reading through a lot of information and the Burning Wheel question responses won’t be up till tomorrow.  I could recap last week’s games, but then a topic hit me as I was playing ToR today, how much I have to get done.  So I am going to talk about momentum.

Whether it is a blog, a game, or a novel momentum can make or break you.  If you find your grove and can write/plan on a regular basis, all of the effort that you put in pushes your next piece forward.  But miss a day, whether due to real life events, lack of sleep or having nothing to write or plan and that momentum dies.  And it dies a lot fast than it takes to build.  Suddenly you are not just back to square one, but have a hill of ‘anti-momentum’ that you are trying to overcome just to get back where you are.

I am typically guilty of accruing more anti-momentum than momentum.  I start projects, games, novels and eventually hit a wall of “insurmountable” apathy and move on to the next project.  One of the goals of this blog, and the changes I made to my play-by-post game, was to give me a goal each week for writing.  This is to refine my writing skills and to be able to build some momentum in this direction.  And so far it has been very successful.

I have been working on designing a setting and an adventure path (with the goal of kickstarting it when it is finished) since 2008.  There have been major ups and downs in the development of this world, but through it all I have tried to keep moving forward with it.  Sometimes this means doing it all myself, and sometimes, it means bringing on people to help me continue to move forward.

So sometimes on this blog you will get great product reviews, insight into how I GM, and other well thought out topics.  And sometimes you will get posts like today.  Hopefully insightful, but truly here to provide the next step in keeping up the momentum of this blog.

So tomorrow, we will have the wrap up to this week’s Burning Wheel Question, and a recap of the last week of gaming.  See you then!


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