Burning Wheel – World Building Question #7 & a (almost) Weekend Update

Short post today as my group is looking at the second independent order in the Outlands, the knights.

All we have established so far on the organization is that is independent from the nations, church, and inquisition.  It exists as a fraternity of likeminded warrior-knights who roam the land. 

I am excited to see what the players want to do with this organization to make them feel and act differently than the Law of Truth.  The goal this week is to establish their purpose, what makes them unique, and why would people flock to their chapterhouses.


One a side note: a lot of purchases gaming wise this week.  Expect reviews over this month of: Book of Quests, L5R’s Book of Fire, the last of the Reign of Winter adventures, and Numenera.  This last one I am very excited about!  See you all next week.



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