The Law of Truth

Another week of good responses, and with one of my players being in Germany on vacation!  I like the feel of this organization.  I think after we get through the last of the three organizations, I will try to put together a gazetteer for the Outlands.  If that happens I will most likely post a PDF here on the blog.

The Law of Truth came to the Outlands hunting the Cult of the Lost.  Founded in the mists of time, at the dawn of the church, to hunt the supernatural enemies of civilization, they grew into a mighty power in the Old World.  With the rise of the Cult of the Lost, which ended up causing the cataclysm that sent the Known World spiraling into a dark age, the Law was granted extra-national power.  Everywhere the light of the church spread, so too did the Law hunt the Cult.  Only in the Qion Alliance, with their strange animal headed gods, did the Law cloak itself to seek out its foes.  Its power rivaled that of nations and the church.  And yet it failed.

The Law of Truth is a fractured organization in the Outlands.  Their main power came not from holdings, or political power, but from ties to the Old World.  With that power base shattered, the Law has been greatly reduced.  While it has no cities under its control, and its influence has been reduced to the local level, every city in the Outlands has a Redoubt of Law in it.  Overt in most cities, a number of city states have banded the strange fanatics.  The Law merely assumes a more covert roll in these cities.  For their mandate is to safeguard the souls of man from damnation, therefore petty laws don’t apply to them.  The chapter houses act as home base and recruiting stations.  While the Cult has not been seen since the time of great darkness, the Law stands vigilant, eyes to the west searching for their foes. 

Their ties to the Old World are still strong indeed.  The Bastion, a hidden fortress in the wilds where the Council of Dukes maintains its command of the organization, is said to be the largest repository of Old World artifacts in the Outlands.  And it is rumored that the Council still maintains that it is still in contact with the Old World.

Strangely enough, with the lack of activity from the Cult, the Law has remembered its older duties, the hunting of all fell powers in the world.  This is by shear accident, as they merely grope for anything to justify their existence.  They have a fanatical hatred of anything superstitious let alone supernatural.  Most of the kingdoms tolerate their presence for the stabilizing presence they provide.  For the ever looming presence of the inquisition helps keep honest men honest.


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