The Races of the Outlands

Man I really love my gamers, I had some great responses to this week’s Burning Wheel Question.  I am getting pretty excited about the world and the game thereafter.  Ok so let’s dig a bit into this week’s responses.

Everyone seems to want the main cultures to be human only.  This is alright with me as it fits the low fantasy/sword and sorcery style of game.  They, the race of man, will represent the status quo at the start of the game.  This is the familiar, the safe, the starting point of the player’s knowledge

One of my players loves him some Lizardmen, so we combined a couple of ideas and have Lizardmen out to the west.  They lurk in the dark places of the world, far beyond the borders of the petty human kingdoms.  They have been influenced by the Cultists, and they also have their own beliefs.  Their culture could be very animistic and tribal.

So, they will represent our ties to the way things were, what this land was like before the arrivals from the Old World.  Maybe with something added, like some strange ruins that hint at an even older race, like the elves.  One idea is that the elves retreated/were forced from this realm long ago and now only their monuments remain.

Finally, I would like to include beastmen as well?  Perhaps they are the true descents of the cultists and their foul magics.  I always liked the chaos beast men of Warhammer and their race fits well within our genre and themes.  They would either be a corrupted race, or a race that has devolved.  Either way they would represent a tie linking the Old World and New, as well as a dark hint at a long lost past and at a chaotic future.

Also, I have attached my first run at the region map.  If you have any comments, feel free to let me know what you think!  I am starting with a hex map, but might move onto more of an atlas style later

Tonight I am going to run RQ6 for my Wednesday night gaming group as our GM is off camping.  A recap of that, and the BW Week 6 question will be up tomorrow!



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