Formation of the Outlands & Burning Wheel – World Building Question #5

I have not got the sign off on this week’s question from my entire group, but here is the proposed result.

Four centuries ago, the Outlands were discovered.  A land far away from the core regions of the Empires: lush, fertile, and most importantly an ocean away.  The great nations each saw their own uses for this land.  And the fact that it was sparsely populated by nomadic tribes meant the Old World’s wishes were not to be denied.

From Sardonia, colonists landed, seeking to strengthen their empire’s arm with new resources in the war against the Thresh.  The Acolytes of the Lords of Order sent established monasteries and Holy Sanctuaries to spread the light of the Lords to the heathens of the Outlands.  Dunaia, seeing the ignorance of the indigenous peoples sought to raise them up, as the Godlings once did for all the nations of the Old World.  The Qion Alliance established a prison for the worst that the island cities could produce. 

Finally, remnants the Cult of the Lost flocked to the Outland on boat of stone and ebony.  For the Inquisition had been culling them and was closing in on the last of them, but far too late to stop their master’s dark plans. They rode the wake of the Old World’s destruction; it carried them across the seas.  When they landed, they pushed past the colonies to the deep reaches of the Outlands, where it is whispered they insinuated themselves into the tribes they found there.

This history matters little however.  The wake of the cataclysm that rent the old lands fell on the ‘colonies’, and slew over a quarter the living.  It is said that the dead rose from those slain, to cull more of their own.  When the shadow of the Dark Night fell on the Outlands, over half the Ocean blooded were dead.  Former ties were severed, and each city clung to their walls alone.  Some of the Illuminated say that the Dark Night is coming to an end, but the kingdoms just wait for the rest of their doom to fall.

I will make an update if this changes radically, but so far people have been happy with the amalgamation of their responses. 

This week’s question is on what races inhabited the Outlands before the Old World invasion.  I am interested to see what Burning Wheel races we cut, and what my players want to keep and add.  It should be a great week for planning.


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