Like Hitting a Wet Sack of Dead Raccoons

If the title of this post leaves you scratching your head at its vivid yet odd mental image, I am right there with you.  This was how the GM of our Dresden Files game described my character punching a Red Court Vampire.  There was a brief pause where all of us were nodding in understanding, and then realization dawned on what was said.  It was a very bizarre moment.

But first, I had the first session of Mage on Tuesday.  I like to set aside the whole first session for group character creation and was very glad I did.  With world explanation, a brief introduction to the rules, and making characters, we still have one last thing to do for character creation and I still have to go over the mechanics cheat sheet in full.  But it was a great session.  I have a Euthanatos Private Investigator, an Order of Hermes Film Star, a Verbena Med student, and Sons of Ether Weapons Contractor.

Everyone had a great time and the plot-tie in sheet went over well.  People had no issues choosing one. From the list: the Euthanatos is the Council Justice (sheriff/thug), the Order of Hermes is the Council Herald, the Verbena has a cross-tradition romance with a Dreamspeaker, and the Son of Ether has ties to the Technocracy.  These plot hooks will tie in nicely with the season one story arc.

Also, everyone was very ok with the idea of a slightly pvp game.  One of the themes I want to explore in this game is that the Traditions are united by a common foe, not common beliefs.  They are a unified front of nine fractured and disparate organizations.  The PC’s will find themselves thrown into conflict by their own Tradition’s machinations.  Should be fantastic!  I have some handout prep work to wrap up and some scene sketching for next Tuesday, but I am very excited.

And now back to Dresden.  It was our first session, and we were down two players.  The GM was a little nervous, due to the fact this was his first time GMing for our group and the player who he had planned session one around was one of the guys who was missing.  It was a tough starting lineup for any GM.  He took it in stride and ran a great game.  He tied the three of us together to a story that we instantly cared about, and kept throwing our own aspects, and bizarre descriptions, against us.  It was brilliant.   Kudos to him, and if this session was any indication, this promises to be a great game for our Wednesday group.


So that was my week in gaming, what about yours?


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