Burning Wheel – World Building Question #4

This week starts a series of questions to establish some campaign history, and flesh out the inhabitants of the world a bit more.  My group is going to start looking at what happened before our game started. My hope is that these questions will lead to a campaign setting handout.  A one to two page document outline that we can refer to for the rest of the campaign.

This way we have a solid foundation for the game that is fleshed out in broad strokes.  Then I can spend whatever time is left to us before game start establishing the current state of affairs, and talking about character concepts.

Today’s question is about the landing of the colonists that will be the character’s ancestors.  When the colonists got to this new land half a millennia ago, what did they find?  Was the land lush and fertile, or was it dry and harsh.  If so, why would the colonies have even been established?  What reasons did the colonists, and through extension the Empire, have for claiming this far off land from its original inhabitants?

Again I find myself excited about the answers, this game world is shaping up to be very interesting.  With the added question about climate, I should be able to use this week’s answers to finish off the campaign map.


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