State of the World

This week’s questions netted some very interesting results.  It was really the first concrete stamp the players got to put on this new world.  Up until now we have been discussing abstract topics: themes, religions and gods.  This week we talked about the feel of the world, which lead to some firm world design choices.

First, they all responded with a desire for a new world/young world theme.  They want kingdoms and city states, not nations or empires.  Also my players want these political organizations to have a limited zone of control, with large swaths of wild land in between.  To use a DnD 4th edition term, it is very “points of light”.

But they also wanted relics and influence from past ages.  So here is what we are looking at:

This area of the world was colonized hundreds of years ago by a great empire.  Before they could wean themselves from imperial support, a cataclysm shattered the Empire and its fires spread as far as this continent.  This left these colonists alone in a hostile new land.  Warring for what limited old world resources they still possessed; civilization fractured and entered a dark age.  An age it has yet to exit.  So the land is wild, fraught with danger.  The cities and kingdoms have a zone safety around the population centers, but bandits and worse own the wild.

I am thinking of tying the order aligned pantheons to the remnants of the old empire, which more neutral animist spirits of the land being tied to the indigenous life of the continent.  The darker powers will be tied to the Cataclysm somehow.  More on that later.

Tomorrow’s question will deal what came before.  We know the colonists landed here from an empire, what did they find? 



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