Torchbearer, Runequest and Mage

I am getting geared up for a new week of gaming.  Mage starts tonight, but will only be character creation.  More on that tomorrow.  And the Dresden Files game gets up and running officially Wednesday.  We had a great character creation session last week, and have a fantastic batch of PC’s.  We have: a Wizard, a Knight of the Cross, a scholarly Red Court Infected who also touched a Denarian Coin, an Investigative Reporter, and the Winter Knight.  Thanks to Fate we have a back story tying us all together.  The GM has set up an Obsidian Portal account for it here.

The Torchbearer Kickstarter that I supported sent the PDF out to backer earlier this week.  At 200 pages it is a quick read.  I have a major love affair with the BWHQ games, as you will find out in the coming months.  And Torchbearer is no different.  The game captures an old school feel, with nice Burning Wheel light mechanics.  It is a little more robust than Mouseguard, but only by degrees.  It also gives you a place to start if you want to include magic in a Mouseguard game.  The only complaint I have is that the book is only for levels 1-5 and the character sheet goes up to 10.

And I am working on my next review.  This one is just for the blog, and will not be going up on the Petrie’s site.  I have decided to take a look at Runequest 6th edition and will be reviewing it in three parts.  First one should be up by tomorrow!


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