The Religions of the New Game

I had another great round of answers this time from the players.   So here is what they came up with, the actual deities and religions will be developed later.


We will have many religions.  Some older (relatively – see tomorrow’s question) and some more current.  The pantheons will be broken up by region/nation.  The gods will be very distant from the world, rarely if ever intervening in the course of this game.  [In game terms, we will not be using Gifted or Faithful, so no magic or faith for this game].

The main area will be bound by a common religion; either a  dual-theistic or possibly an amalgam from conquered lands.  The areas on the fringe of civilization are still devoted to darker or more primal gods.

The priest class is a privileged one, drawing from mainly from nobility, although a gifted commoner might ascend through natural talent and hard labor.  This is the exception rather than the rule.  But due to the distance of the gods, the Priesthood’s power comes from political and social power.   And politics lead to corruption.

There will also be two main martial branches of the churches: an Inquisition-like order and a martial order of some sort.

Finally, the mythos of the main and possibly the older religions will include an enemy that was banished through their combined might.

So these are the boundaries for the faiths of this world.  I feel they are strong but still give me a lot of room to expand and work with.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting ideas for pantheons, gods and cults here, trying to flesh out the spiritual borders of this world.



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