Product Review – Part 2

Pathfinder Pawn: NPC Codex Box


Disclaimer: I purchased this from Petrie’s (my FLGS) and am not being paid to review this product.

I was skeptical about this box when I ordered it. It is the latest in Paizo’s big box of pawns. And while I loved my Bestiary box (and ordered box 2 and 3 through Petrie’s) the NPC box didn’t appeal to me. I was shocked at its contents and was surprised at how much I loved this set.


This set comes with more stands to add to the ones that came in the Bestiary box. Only medium and large bases are included, but for this set it works. The pawns are printed to the same detail of the last set and the quality is identical to the last set as well.

So what do you get? Well the box lists more than 300 pawns and this is the case! You get 14 sheets of cardstock, and more minis than you will know what to do with. And they are all humanoids. While there are some that are unique in the set, they did a good job of giving you a mix of pawns that you have doubles or even triples of.

All of the art is pulled right from the NPC codex, so if you use that heavily, this set is a must have. Feel like throwing that Forest Guardian at your party? Grab the pawn and go. If you are unfamiliar with the NPC Codex, it gives you a NPC of each class for every level. It also mixes the races up, at each level. So with this pawn set, you get a great selection of race/class mixes.

Also, they included things like: riding animal pawns; familiar and animal companion pawns; and my personal favorite; the iconic Pathfinder character pawns.


I feel that this is a great addition to the bestiary set, which was lighter on the pawns for PC use and none monstrous humanoids. If you are going the pawn route, I highly recommend grabbing this set!

NPC Codex Box is $39.99 and available at your FLGS.


One thought on “Product Review – Part 2

  1. Gaming Guy says:

    I’d been wondering about this new release. Thanks for reviewing!

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