The End of WoW

Last night we ended the World of Warcraft game.  It was epic.  The armies of the Matriach, a shadowy figure who was banished from Azeroth long ago, laid siege to the troll village of Zel’jin.  It was one mass combat.  Chris ran a great fight that was reminiscent of the battle of Helm’s Deep.  My mage assaulted siege towers from the air, while the rest of the group engaged waves of approaching infantry.  At the end, we were thrown back in time, leaving a great plot hook to enable him to pick this game up again.

It was a solid end to a great game.  Chris mentioned he felt like the game had a lot of ups and downs, and looking back I can kind of see that.  Like every game, there were some rough sessions, but I feel that our current model of gaming (short three month mini campaigns) makes those rough sessions stick out more in the GM’s mind, as the time is compressed.   The game had a strong hook, a great backstory, a strong start and an epic finish. 

I had a blast with this game, and am looking forward to the next one which starts up next week: Dresden Files!  But more on that to come.


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