Burning Wheel – World Building Questions #1

What type of fantasy do you want?  This was the question I asked my players in the first email about Burning Wheel.  My goal with these weekly emails (and subsequent posts here on the blog) it to get good feedback from my players and involve them in the world and story creation.  So that in January, when we start this game, my group will have a world they are all heavily invested in, and will be ready to burn up characters and dig into the conflict.

I attached an in-depth article examining the types of fantasy and the tropes there in, written by Steve Long, to the email.  If you have not read it, you can find it here.  Done looking at it?  Good.  It is a fantastic high level overview of the main sub-genres in fantasy.  I hope my players read it.

I look forward to sharing what the group choses, and how the world burns out from there.

So what is your favorite type of fantasy game and why?  What have you played and what have you always wanted to try?

Side Note: Numenera, another game you will probably hear me talk about in the upcoming weeks, just released their short story anthology.  I kickstarted this game last year, and grow more excited with every update.  The anthology is only $2.99 from drivethru, and contains three short stories to wet your appetite for the setting.  It also includes a couple of pages from the upcoming main book, which was a nice added preview.  You can get it it here.  I really enjoyed the fiction, they are in a similar vein to the Amber Monolith short story, which is available for free from the Numenera website.  Check it out, it is well worth the price!


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